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Why you need to design packaging as much for online stores as on-the-shelf

This shift has fundamentally altered how people interact with the brands they buy. No longer do shoppers see your ad and then show up at the aisle armed with cash to get the brand in hand. Instead, most will now do some form of ‘pre-tail’ sleuthing: they’ll Google it, read customer reviews, and maybe do a price comparison, piecing together all the requisite facts that guide their future purchase.  This shows how the user journey has changed monumentally. Pre-tail, retail, and post-sale user experience must all now be rigorously considered by brand owners and managers in today’s digital-to-physical world. Greater importance has to be placed on design innovation across new customer touchpoints; greater thought needs to be given to how every step on this new journey must earn its place to engineer a powerful brand experience. The Centre for Retail Research predicts ecommerce will take 18% market share this year, so the time to do so is now.  Fiona Florence, MD of JDO UK, had a Christmas epiphany on the future of packaging and product design On the back of this shift, product design needs to deliver on real and virtual shelves. Brands must create a clear identity that works across both mediums – hitting a sweet spot where look, feel, message and emotional impact are consistent in pixels and in person. In the context-less world of digital, products now need to pass the ‘thumbnail test’ where simplicity and clarity are critical. Brands needs to proudly stand out on-screen – instantly recognisable through high-quality, hyper-vivid visuals.

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