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Prayuth said Prince Vajiralongkorn wanted to grieve with the people and leave the formal succession until later, when the president of parliament will invite him to ascend the throne. "Long live His Majesty the new king," Prayuth said. Thailand's strict lese-majeste laws have left little room for public discussion about the succession. The junta has promised an election next year and pushed through a constitution to ensure its oversight of civilian governments. It looks firmly in control for a royal transition. Anguish rippled through the crowd of hundreds praying outside the king's hospital when his death was announced. "We came here hoping for a miracle. We hoped the news wasn't true," said lawyer Pimook Linpaisarn, 32. He came to the hospital with his girlfriend Aunchisa Saekuay, who said the restaurant she runs was closed until further notice. "It's like our father has gone," she wept.

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